28/365 #365HaikuChallenge

Snow clad Kashmir-
The world paused when their eyes met.
He found heaven on Earth.


Fall in love with a writer

Fall in love with a writer
And kiss her ink-stained finger
For remember they turned pages;
Pages in which your thoughts still linger.

Fall in love with a writer
And watch as she writes a new
letter, a word, a sentence
Watch, as her writing strips you.

Fall in love with a writer
And be the reason for her blushed look
When you will look carefully between the words
You will find yourself in her book.

Fall in love with a writer
And win her with your ‘I love you.’
As she is disarmed in your embrace
Do write her a line or two.

Fall in love with a writer
And watch how she falls back in love with you.

The dinner table conversation

The dining table always proved to be the perfect backdrop for deciding things. Today it was for the little child to decide whether their parents were childish in their adulthood.
‘So, basically, you people blushed, gushed and dropped your ‘I Love Yous’ like it was some loose change? And, and you’ll acted like teens in your mid 20s?
Spoons clattered in perfect symphony as if it was invisibly orchestrated to provide a background score to the child’s innocence.
He looked at her. She still look amazing behind those oversized specs. The wrinkles just added another layer of intrigue to her. ‘For you, a thousand times over‘ he thought. Reading his mind, her face changed colour as she smiled.
‘Yes.’ The word was a perfect epilogue to all what he was feeling. And he was feeling a lot.
‘But you must have looked so stupid!’
He looked at her. She was waiting like a teenage girl. Waiting for him to say something simple yet magical. Waiting to fall for him all over again.
He knew his cue.
Leaning over the table he ruffled the hair of his kid and said,
‘It was totally worth it.’