The Second Coming

The shrill cries of a child
The religious zealots going wild
The ones who knew no pain
And those who had nothing to gain
The boy getting ready for school
The dude with aviators trying to look cool
The unsung and the unheard
The guy who always comes third
The temple priest fooling many
The poor chap stealing honey
The dad who just lost her daughter
The society aunt who just can’t get hotter
The politician who’s unable to win
The old aunt with no blood kin
A new-born girl on her first day
Who will find that even with will, there’s no way
The painter in search of a muse
The government servant who will find yet another excuse
The hippie with the long dreads
The beggar surviving on crumbs of bread
All we know, even those hiding behind the shroud
Will one day get silenced by a mushroom cloud.


The Selfish Gene

Hidden behind the bonds
It writes a master plan
It takes some drastic measures
In trying to save its clan.

It meets its partner
And creates a different carrier.
Then it multiplies. Since,
‘The more, the merrier.’

Our entire life
Whether an adult or a teen.
We obey our masters-
The selfish genes.

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