A slice of Zindagi- #JodeyDilonKo experience relived.

‘Hi Sumyth, we see that you attend the meets, but off late you don’t seem to share your experience with us through your blogs.’

This was what the guy, who called me to confirm my registration before the meet, told me. And this is what instigated me to write this post. And the Moto G. And my awesome 219 followers. And the Moto G.

So, here I was.

The Indiblogger meet. At good ole Leela, Mumbai. I have been to the last 8 of these & I have no plans of changing the habit anytime soon. ‘Cuz good habits die harder than Sunny Deol. And as usual, Much Fun Was HAD.

It started off just the way these things should, with some damn good grub. Good job, the cooking staff at Leela. The taste buds approve. Then, we blogger comrades….(I wonder what is female for comrade? Comradette? Hehehe…), anyways, getting back to the point,, all of us assembled in the ballroom area and held a salsa, samba & tango session. Naah, but really, we actually just grabbed the nearest seats we could. Nice seats, comfortable and all. What followed was as much fun as salsa & samba (Ok, maybe not as much fun. But pretty close. Like, 8 out of 10)

That's me. Right at the back. The one in yellow.

That’s me. Right at the back. The one in yellow.

Now, the thing is that today’s meet had a theme. Which was #JodeyDilonKe (Everything looks a lot more sillier when you put them in hashtags, doesn’t it), so I was telling ya that it was about one of those initiatives to promote cross cultural harmony through artistic means. I am all for it, the more music, movies & creative vision we can share, the better. UNITE, my fellow homo sapiens, and together we shall someday have peace!!

Speaking of unity, Mumbai & Delhi could do with some of that. I mean that in the best way possible. The two cities bring with them so many of their own unique flavours & personality, that it’s a wonder that they are in the same country. A friendly bout of one-upmanship broke out between the Mumbai & Delhi blog communities (blogummunities, anyone?) & it was a beautiful mess to watch & absorb.


And I don’t usually do this, but YOU. YES YOU. The Girl from Delhi, you get a special mention in my blog. Here’s why:


Nihaal: Which city has the more hot looking girls?

She: Delhi, cause Narendra Modi is the most powerful man in the country. (Screw logic.)


Renie: Which city has the better weather?

She: Delhi, cause ‘Pyaar tera Delhi ki Sardi’. (Since logic has already been taken, screw debate.)


I don’t really care who won, but I am glad they are as different as they are. Makes the world a cooler place, innit? I think its the same with India & Pakistan. Our peace efforts are too focused on our similarities, we should also be able to celebrate our differences. Because the world be pretty darn boring if everybody was just like everybody else. Like China.

Thoda heavy ho gaya. It happens. I am deep like that sometimes, bro. Anyways, in the middle of the rant, I forgot to tell you what this whole India-Pakistan bhai bhai was about. They are launching this awesome new channel, Zindagi. So, the idea is simple. We gave Pakistan bollywood & our saas-bahu serials. Now, they have decided to return the favour. Zindagi will broadcast TV shows conceptualised & shot in pakistan. So, yeah, Pakistani TV. Now we can root for, cry & laugh with & tear our hair over fictional characters from across the border. Yay, Whoopie!

(You can watch their Youtube channel here.)


To talk about the channel, this incredibly pretty man (No, I’m straight) walks in. If you listened hard enough, you could hear a collective sigh amongst all the ladies. Then he opened his mouth andUrdu-heavy words came out. People applauded. He took in Q&A’s from the audience, and was pretty composed in his responses. He even answered about Shahid Afridi’s decision to join Pollywood.


Q: What do you have to say about Afridi if he joins Pollywood?

A: Humaara kya hoega? Saari endorsements wohi le jaatey hain. He should stick to cricket.

(Wish someone gave that advice to Ajay Jadeja and Vinod Kambli before their foray into Bollywood.)

He smiled & took pictures. People sat down. (I might not have been as much attention as I should have during this part). Oh, and his name was Imran Abbas, if any of you wanna google him.

Told you. He's pretty!

Told you. He’s pretty!

The show’s concept was explained to us by the creator of the show. Kudos to the lady for this wonderful initiative. There should be no barriers at all between countries. The only wall which deserves to be there is Rahul Dravid, and that wonder of the world which is there in China. (Forgot the name, Great wall or something.) Ambuja cement should get excellent spots for its ads.

‘Some walls should be broken. For everything else there’s master card Ambuja cement.’

As I said earlier, much fun was had. The hosts cracked some jokes, some of which were sorta kinda funny, I think, maybe, I’ll have to get back to you on that. But it was all in good nature, and everybody seemed pretty nice, and I found my happy place (Think the food had some to do with it).

Dear Reader person, You should come to the next one. Say Hi when you see me. Tada! And a short poem celebrating India and Pakistan together, to end on a hopeful note. Cause Hope, is all we got.

You crossed our border. We crossed yours.

But that’s what neighbours do. So why the wars?

Have a dispute? Let’s not fight.


Come over, grab a drink.

And we’ll laugh over it, through the night.


P.S. The jokes cracked by the host were funny. Told ya. Would get back to you on that one!





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