Jesus: A mortal’s story

He was a man like every other, but with strong beliefs. His principles never stooped like a Willow tree in the wind, but stood firm like an Oak. He was defiantly against the unjust laws of the Roman Church, and wanted his voice to matter for a better tomorrow. An unjust law is no law at all, and he echoed this thought. Hence he was called the ‘Messiah’, the anointed one, or the chosen one.

Centuries later, his sobriquet would be confused with that of the Son of God.

He moved to the east, when he was 12. Traveler and a keen learner, he reached the land of the Himalayas, where he was introduced to many medicinal herbs. The locals sung folklore in which one such herb, Selaginella Bryopteris or commonly known as Sanjeevani, had revived some dead prince of Ayodhya. He pocketed many such wonder herbs for his people back home., where he cured leprosy, blindness, etc.

Centuries later, the herbs would never be written about and he would be considered divine.

There was a small water body, to the east of Jerusalem. When he strolled near it, the breeze which filled his lungs, made him realize that there was something wrong with the water. He had walked by countless seas and rivers and, never, the air was so much saline. He tasted it, and any doubts he had harboured, were allayed. He dived into the water but did not drown in it, as the water was denser than him. He called out his followers to join him. They were too awestruck to follow.

Centuries later, no one would mention the Dead Sea, but only the Prophet who rose from the dead.

When those in power got fed up of his rising popularity, they rounded him off for crucifixion. His travels had taught him many ways to feign death. Losing pulse was the easiest. He knew of Rhododendron plants near the Black sea in Turkey, which when administered stopped the pulse, and the heart. He carefully administered himself the right dosage and fooled the world about his death. When he woke up in his tomb, all he had to do was get out of that shroud draped across his body. Every magic trick involved three stages- The Pledge, where you make your audience believe in something, The Turn, when the disappearance happen, and then The Prestige, when the reappearance takes place.

Centuries later, everyone will forget the trick but elevate him to the status of God.


All religions, that is, all mythologies … are merely man’s own invention—Christ as much as Loki.




4 thoughts on “Jesus: A mortal’s story

  1. Vry controversial thng to write on.. remarkable use of wrds, though I sense fiction in it… bt I guess evn religion n religious stories r fiction or myth…

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