As a child, Disha used to like solving anagrams. Finding order from chaos, patterns in random, was what she loved. It was not just a mere rearrangement of letters. It was fighting the natural order and reaching esoteric heights.

When she saw the STATUE OF LIBERTY, she thought it was BUILT TO STAY FREE.

When she saw a DECIMAL POINT, she actually heard it say- ‘I’M A DOT IN PLACE.

She turned down a DEBIT CARD because she saw BAD CREDIT in it.

And for her, TWELVE PLUS ONE and ELEVEN PLUS TWO, were two directions leading to the same destination.

When her crush walked up to her and said, ‘O YOU EVIL“, she was devastated. She cursed her not-so-fancy demeanour for the incident. But she forgot that when love and pain are coupled, it hampered the normal functioning of the grey cells. She forgot to look beyond the normal order for the only time it mattered to her. She forgot to decipher what he actually meant to say. She forgot that the 3 words which she heard was, in reality when rearranged, the 3 words on which every relationship thrives and survives.

Simplicity, with its charm, is dangerously complicated.

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