Hum Tum (Not the movie!)



Yes, this is the reason why I came to know about the Zee Connected Hum Tum meet. Normally, I am alerted by the email which Indiblogger religiously sends out (Sun may forget to rise, but doubting Indiblogger’s mailing team won’t be wise). But this time, Indiblogger’s mail was lost among tons of other emails (Mental note: Unsubscribe, Pepperfry, Cheeky lovers, etc etc).


You don’t need to think twice before registering for an Indiblogger meet, which i adhered to. I was the 191st person to register among 200 seats (Lucky me!). The meet was at Leela’s (These guys always find out cool places for their meets) at 7 pm. I arrived at 7.30pm (Indian Standard Time.. I know.. I know..).

The meet had already started. My heart sank to the ground (gravity rules..) but regained its original position after I came to know that only the introduction had started (and no freebies were given out yet). Scanning the crowd for my friend (and trying to avoid You-Are-Late-You-Freak glares from the crowd), I finally found him at the back.. In the corner.. Wow.. Of all the places in the big banquet hall, he surely knows how to pick a spot. After the friendly hug, tweed-ling of thumbs, hey wassup, and the other 10637 things which two besties do when they meet after a long time, I settled down.

There was this very pretty lady sitting in front of me. A new face? Perhaps.. My heart did 720° somersault inside my rib cage, when she turned around and asked.

What do you blog about?

I was still in awe of her and I managed to utter a few words in response, which Google is still trying to decipher.

After the initial warm-up game by the team (nothing new) which I lost (nothing new), the 30 Seconds Of Fame appeared on the giant screen. My favorite part, wherein we get to know a few interesting bloggers. This was my 5th meet, And my name had never cropped up. But this time it did. And what followed was ‘The return of undecipherable language’


My expression says it all. Was completely lost for words, since it was totally unexpected. Guess after noticing this, the Indiblogger team would ensure my name never ever flashes on the big screen.

And then we moved on to the agenda of the meet. The ‘Zee Connected Hum Tum’. We were told that the 6 women of the serial were seated amongst us! And the first to identify all of them, and get a pic with them would win. CAUGHT YOU! The pretty girl sitting in front of me, was surely one of them. After a few quick questions with her, I got to know her name. She was Pallavi Burman, 30, fashionable shopaholic, brand manager.


I only managed to have a snap with 3 of the wonderful ladies (Forever loser), though I was able to spot all of them. The 6 wonderful ladies were Preeti Kochar, dentist, belly-dance instructor, often written about as “the dancing dentist”,  Mahima Chaudhary, struggling actress. Pallavi BurmanMadhavi Mauskar, foreign languages expert, corporate trainer, Sonal Giani, an activist, theatre producer, and Malishka Mendonca, Red FM RJ.

These women were also open to an interaction session with the audience, following which we were shown the first full episode of the series! Wow! What an honor.


Abhay Deol, the thinking woman’s dream man is the host, and he takes us through the lives of these 6 courageous women. Courageous because it takes a hell of an effort to open up to camera 24×7. These women have dared to bare it all. Their joys, their sorrows, their confidence, their insecurities, their fears, their hopes, their EVERYTHING to the nation, in an effort to portray what is being like a women in the 21st century. Different ages, different professions, different mentalities. but united together by ZEE’s unique concept. TAKE A BOW!

There was a twitter hash tag contest being run, where we were supposed to tweet about our views on #HumTum.


And I lost again (forever-doomed-to-be-a-loser guy). But this loss was a gain in disguise. It opened up a plethora of thoughts in my mind. About the show and what it strives to achieve in this male-dominated society. Famously said by Virginia Woolf

For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.

Since the creation of this planet, women have been living with us. But do we really know them? With the advancement in technology, we know more about outer space, than we know about women. And its not that they are behind iron veils or something. They are there . Out in the open. Waiting to be understood. But instead of hearing their cries, we pretend to ignore them.

This show will showcase the lives of the women. Giving an opportunity for everyone to really understand our mothers, our sisters, our wives, our daughters. Which will really enrich the society with strong virtues, making this world a better place to live in.

The meet ended on an excellent note (Booze and food on the house). We were also given a specially designed webcam, which opened up Skype, Google Hangout and various other options for me!


      Indiblogger has this habit of making everybody feel a winner! So we returned home, with one thought about understanding women. CAN WE??

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