Why do i support Manchester United??

It all started many years ago.. My brother and I were watching cartoon network (the days when pokemon were a craze.) Our mom walked in, and was quite perturbed by the fact that we spent more time with cartoons than books.. To avoid World War 3, my elder brother quickly changed the channel, and we landed on ESPN.. Che 1 – Man Utd 0, read a small bar on the top left corner.. Unfortunately, my brother understood what it meant, and figured out that the team in blue was Chelsea, and forced me to support the losing team.. Manchester United (if you have a elder brother, you will empathise with me, cause young ones don’t really have a choice)
Manchester utd lost that game 0-2, and I had to get 2 ice creams for him.. But in the hindsight, those 2 ice creams has been a huge investment for me..
It took me some months to fully understand the game (google rocks) and my team (wikipedia too!!) And I what I found about that UNITED’s history was overwhelming!! It had a perfect script for a blockbuster film (Mahesh bhatt- please read) the tragedy of Munich air crash, the team getting relegated, and then rising like a phoenix from the ashes to win the league.. History is what gets me orgasm (not literally) and I was quite happy, that the RED DEVIL’s had it..
Then came the man who changed the face of this club Sir Alex Ferguson, and made United the most succesful club in the history of english football..!!
It also helped that beckham and cristiano had played for the club (girls rarely know anyone else apart from these 2 footballers)
So my pride and loyalty magnified (wish my weight would also, some day) and now, with my heads held high, I can call myself a RED DEVIL (cool name, aint it??)
So thanks to my bully brother, my heart is at Old Trafford (and my middle finger at Anfield)
I love my club, and I shall always be proud of its rich and varied heritage (Q-‘will the government sue me for plagiarism, since I used the lines of the pledge??’
A-‘No. Its busy finding when did manmohan singh last spoke’)

Manchester united till I die!!
Glory glory man united!!

Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.

Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.

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